09 August 2017

Out of The Comfort Zone

With the increase of MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) activities in Indonesia, the need for advanced electronic audiovisual devices - such as video walls, kiosks, and LED screens - is increasing. The Indonesian Masters is one example of an event that utilizes these kinds of technology. The presence of advanced audiovisuals at the clubhouse helps the spectators to enjoy and follow the tournament even when they're not out on the course.


V2 Indonesia has been the providers of the audiovisuals at the Indonesian Masters since 2011. The company, which has been run by Rudi Hidayat since 1992, is the distributor and provider of the number one audiovisual rental service in the country. Rudi has a close affiliation with golf, having taken up the game himself in 2007, he now spends much of his free time on the course or practicing. However, in the past two years, Rudi says that his golf game has undergone a lot of change, especially to his mindset when playing. Thanks to hard work and following advice from his golf coach, Rudi’s golf game has improved.


In a casual conversation with OB Magazine, Rudi talked about V2’s involvement with golf events and key networking, and also chatted about his experience at LGA Golf Academy.


V2 Indonesia has become known as one of the sponsors of the Indonesian Masters. What are your thoughts on V2 Indonesia’s involvement in golf events?

V2 promotes creative and lifestyle technology for the premium market, so it fits perfectly with golf which is a premium sport for a premium market. The Indonesian Masters is a prestigious event and V2 wants to support professional and large-scale event programs like it.


What’s been the effect of sponsoring the Indonesian Masters on your company?

Since we started sponsoring this event, more people know of our products. We have gained exposure; it’s helping us reach international audiences. I think our involvement in the Indonesian Masters further enhances brand awareness for our products. And the most important thing, the Indonesian Masters events give us passion and a chance for key networking.


Speaking of your products, people who have been to the Indonesian Masters will have watched the game on your V2 screens. Is there a V2 product that you use specifically for golf?

There are several products that can be used. I once installed some of our TV screens for golf simulators for private use. The owner uses it to practice his own golf or entertain his guests.


We understood that you’ve been practicing golf yourself, at Leadbetter Golf Academy (LGA). Could you tell us a bit about your experience trying to improve your game?

There was a change in my mindset. Initially, this change made me like a beginner. I couldn’t do anything. My LGA coach, Stephen, said: “If you want to practice, you have to change your mindset.” I followed his advice. It was difficult every time I hit the ball in the early days of practice.


After two or three sessions, I grasped the intent of the changes in this exercise. I started to understand right or wrong in my shots. After each hit, if my ball flew to the right or left, I immediately knew what was wrong. Now, every time I see people swing a club, I can see what is wrong. There is a change in the technical side; I am comfortable with the way I hold the grip and my body movements. The coach asked me to get rid my old habits when playing golf. The point is, I have to get out of my comfort zone to grow.


So how’s your game now?

My game is more stable now. I am more confident. My golf buddies also saw my game changing - I play with more confidence and more calmly. Previously I was inconsistent.


What do you mean inconsistent?

Before I went to LGA, practicing was not routine. When my driver shot was good, my short game or putting was bad. When my short game or putting is ugly, I would only focus on practicing that shot. When my short game and putting was good, my long game was messed up.


What’s the most important thing you learned from your coach at LGA?

Stephen taught me to focus on everything. He said, “You should calm down.” He asked me to keep cool as if there was no burden. All body gestures are already automatic, formed in our mind. Do not rush, do not look at the ball, do not look for the result. That’s why I’m not in a hurry when playing golf now. He also emphasizes the mental requirements and discipline needed. I think golf requires brain power and energy!

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