24 March 2016

Fresh from the Oven

Titleist has launched new balls that claim to be the best-in-class performance: the new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S and Velocity. The balls have new core and cover innovations. The new NXT Tour has been engineered for even longer distance, while the new NXT Tour S offers its softest feel yet. The new Velocity gives even more distance with a more playable feel.

NXT Tour and NXT Tour S

  • New NXT Tour has a larger center dual core that produces low spin and fast ball speed for even longer driver and iron distance. It’s combined with Titleist’s soft, proprietary Fusablend cover for excellent shot-stopping control and soft feel.
  • New NXT Tour S provides similar high performance benefits as the NXT Tour with a remarkably softer feel. A reformulated softer compression core combines with a softer Fusablend cover to produce the softest-feeling NXT Tour S yet, while maintaining outstanding distance in the long game and commanding scoring performance for precision in the short game.
  • NXT Tour delivers longer distance with a higher flight, while NXT Tour S provides significantly softer feel.

New Velocity

Reengineered with its largest and fastest core yet, it produces explosive initial velocity for even more powerful distance.

  • Velocity’s proprietary LSX core technology delivers faster ball speeds for more distance on all full swing shots. The low-spin construction with leading-edge aerodynamics produces a soaring trajectory for remarkable carry and roll, while a new, thinner NAZ2 cover provides more playable feel in the short game. 
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