08 June 2017

Accommodating Pros and Amateurs

In addition to holding a professional tournament, Tugu Pratama Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), a general insurance company in Indonesia, also held a Pro-Am tournament.

Taking place at Damai Indah Golf-BSD Course on February 21, the Pro-Am tournament entitled Tugu Pratama Indonesia (TPI) Golf Invitational Pro-Am was attended by 90 players, 24 of whom were Indonesian professional players. 

TPI has held a small number of Pro-Ams since 1981 but have more commonly hosted professional tournaments. “We have not held this type of tournament for a long time. In addition to holding a pro tournament, we also prepare Pro-Am to accommodate our work relations. They were very interested in participating,” said Sigit Sucipto, Marketing Director of PT Tugu Pratama Indonesia.

Participants were keen to play with professionals since the number of opportunities to do so is limited in Indonesia. Pro-Ams provide a rare chance for amateurs to learn from playing alongside the pros. “Through this Pro-Am we can accommodate the amateurs desire as we provide the pros in a professional tournament,” explained Sigit. 

TPI Golf Invitational is the first involvement of the insurance company in an Indonesian professional competition since the 1990s when they regularly hosted events. “We are engaged in professional golf tournaments such as the IGT based on the desire to promote professional golf in Indonesia. The lack of sponsorship involvement has inspired us to participate,” said Sigit. "For professional events, we want bigger tournaments. That's why we provide the prize amount of Rp300 million.

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