05 October 2018

Want to Study at University in the USA? Play Golf!

Former US President Woodrow Wilson once said, "America lives in the heart of every man everywhere who wishes to find a region where he will be free to work out his destiny as he chooses." 
Wilson’s quote encapsulates the thinking of many of us who at some time desire to come to this country. One of the major draws is education. 

America, especially the United States, is the land of education. The USA provides a perfect place for children and young adults who aspire to obtain excellent degrees to do so. Before we delve into the US college golf topic, you may wonder, “Why the USA?” Here are few of the reasons:
It is only in the US where sports (in this case, golf) can influence the admissions process. There are over 3,000 schools in the US, in which the coaches are constantly recruiting players to play for their team yearly. If coaches like you, they have the power to go to the admission office and tell them to give your transcript a green light and accept you to their school. In all other countries, you would have to get accepted to the school academically first, then you may join a sports team.

You have the opportunity to receive scholarships through golf along with academics if you meet the requirements of the university.
The schools in the US are really supportive of their athletes as proven by their world-class athletic facilities and training/competition programs. A lot of athletes that go through the US college sports route come away better than their junior days because of the environment that helps enhance an athlete’s development.

There are two common reasons why junior golfers decide to pursue US college golf. The first is that they have professional aspirations and want to spend their college years further developing their game and having the opportunity to compete against the best amateur golfers in the world. College golf has proven to be the stepping-stone to a successful career as a touring golf professional, with over 80% of the players on the PGA Tour having competed in college golf in some form or another. Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, and Tiger Woods are just a few who came up through college golf. The second reason is that college golf allows junior golfers to leverage their golf game to gain admission to a top-ranking American university.


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