13 April 2018

XXIO X Series Launch

The Longest Distance of the 10th Generation

On January 25, PT Mitra Adiperkasa launched the XXIO X Driver series at Golf House – Grand Indonesia. The event was attended by media and special guests who were eager to listen to the review of the newly launched product. There are two models of XXIO: Regular Model and Miyazaki Model which have been available in stores since December. 

Both drivers feature True-Focus Impact Technology; a synergy effect between the newly developed shaft that promotes consistent body motion during the swing to tighten impact point dispersion, and the new head that maximizes COR performance at the sweet spot. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 series, the XXIO X Driver adds five yards to the Regular Model and three yards to the Miyazaki Model, yielding the longest distance in the history of XXIO.

As the new XXIO X Driver is available in the Regular Model and also in Miyazaki Model which offers a more penetrating trajectory with slightly heavier club weight, golfers with different playing styles and swing speeds will find it attuned to their needs.



Delivering Straight Distance

At Pondok Indah Driving Range on March 1, PT Mitra Adiperkasa launched the M3 & M4 metal woods. Featuring Twist Face technology, the driver delivers a corrective face angle when hit off-center for longer, straighter shots.

Joey Chuasiriporn, Senior Product Manager TaylorMade Asia, said, “Usually, beginner golfers often experience swings that change, are not stable, and require clubs that are adjustable for the long term.” Therefore, Joey added, these two drivers have technology that can adjust to the golfer’s swing.

The Indonesian TaylorMade ambassador, Rinaldi Adiyandono, admitted he could feel this. He said the Twist Face technology that exists on both drivers helps the shot fly straighter. "Both have the same technology. So when you hit the ball by driver heel, the ball will fly to the right. With this, the ball just is just a little bit [right]. Similarly, if you hit the tip of the face, the ball will not fly too far left," explained Rinaldi.

The media and specially invited guests watched as Rinaldi demonstrated the M3 and M4 performance in a bay of the driving range.

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