06 October 2018

Sport, Friendship, and Charity

On August 26, a tournament combined two events into one. Entitled “10+3 Friendly Sport Club++ & Tiger Woo Cup VI Golf Tournament” the event was held at Damai Indah Golf-PIK Course.

The 10+3 Friendly Sport Club++ is a sports club consisting of golfers from 10 Asian countries plus three countries from East Asia: China, Japan, and South Korea. “We also have 30 ambassadors and two Indonesian ministers. This club holds many activi-ties. However, golf is the most active sport in the club” said Soegiarto Hanafi, also known in Indonesian golf circles as Tiger Woo, the Chairman of 10+3 Friendly Sport Club++. 

The sports club, which has been running for just shy of a year, chose August to hold a golf tournament to coincide with celebrating Indonesian Independence Day. The tournament was merged with the Tiger Woo Cup which is in its sixth year. “We just want to play golf and build friendships among golfers,” added Soegiharto. 

But the tournament wasn’t just about friendship and fun, the organizers also held a special charity collection to help with Lombok’s recovery after the recent earthquake there. Five-hundred million Rupiah was raised which Soegiharto and some of his friends will take to Lombok and distribute directly to earthquake victims there. 

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