Penalty Stops Playoff

By: OBGOLF | Event | 06 February, 2019

Danny Masrin closed the 2018 season of Indonesian Golf Tour by finally claiming another title. Battling Elki Kow, Danny won by a single...

Elki’s Fantastic Finish

By: OBGOLF | Event | 11 December, 2018

Elki Kow made his way to the top once again in the 7th Series of the Indonesian Golf Tour. The season finale victory was a back-to-back...

The Starting Lineup

By: OBGOLF | Event | 06 October, 2018

Twelve Indonesian players are set to defend the IGT-PGM Championship trophy on August 1-3. Seven of them were part of the winning team ...

Out of the Shadows

By: OBGOLF | Event | 06 October, 2018

Amateur-star Naraajie finally managed to beat Danny Masrin in the IGT 5th Series. Naraajie had previously been held off by Masrin in ...

Indra’s Show

By: OBGOLF | Event | 06 October, 2018

Indra Hermawan won his second IGT title of the season and his third IGT title since 2017. The 6th Series IGT was proof of Indra's maturity..

Fight until the End

By: OBGOLF | Event | 06 October, 2018

The Professional Golf of Malaysia team successfully fulfilled their promise to reclaim the trophy which remained in Indonesia after last...

Cetak Angka Merah,Indra Pimpin Putaran Pertama

By: OBGOLF | Event | 29 August, 2018

Indonesian Golf Tour Seri Keenam Jakarta Golf Club Rawamangun 28-30 Agustus2018 Hari Pertama Jakarta, Agustus 2018

New Ammunition with Stronger Team

By: OBGOLF | Event | 05 August, 2018

The Indonesian team captain will retain most of last year’s winning team members for this year’s PGM-IGT Championship in Malaysia but ...

Host team Learn From the Past

By: OBGOLF | Event | 05 August, 2018

Despite missing five of their top players due to the Asian Tour schedule, the Professional Golf of Malaysia Tour have put together ...

Fireworks in Malaka

By: OBGOLF | Event | 05 August, 2018

Indonesia will meet Malaysia for the annual PGM-IGT Championship golf tournament. Malaysia will be looking to exact a measure of revenge ...

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