06 October 2018

The Starting Lineup

Twelve Indonesian players are set to defend the IGT-PGM Championship trophy on August 1-3. Seven of them were part of the winning team for the same event last year, while the other five players - four amateurs and one professional - have been selected by the team captain. The four amateurs are national athletes who are also preparing for the 2018 Asian Games this August. 

Here’s a look at Indonesia’s starting lineup:

1. George Gandranata
Age: 32
Pro Since: 2012
Professional Wins: 8

2. Indra Hermawan
Age: 37
Pro Since: 2001
Professional Wins: 3

3. Benita Yuniarto Kasiadi
Age: 31
Pro Since: 2010
Professional Wins: 4

4. Adrian Halimi
Age: 23
Pro Since: 2016

5. Rinaldi Adiyandono
Age: 31
Pro Since: 2012
Professional Wins: 2

6. Elki Kow
Age: 25
Pro Since: 2017
Professional Wins: 1

7. Fajar Winnuryanto
Age: 24
Pro Since: 2016

8. Almay Rayhan Yaquta (amateur)
Age: 20

9. Kevin Caesario Akbar (amateur)
Age: 20 

10. Naraajie E. Ramadhan P. (amateur)
Age: 18 

11. Jonathan Wijono (amateur)
Age: 17



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