15 June 2016

Golf For Mental Strength

There are a lot of fun and easy ways to practice improving our mental strength. One of those is by playing golf.

What does mental strength mean? Why do we have to have a good mental strength?

Mental strength is the ability to overcome stress and problems in life. If we have good mental strength, we can face challenges optimistically and be good at solving problems. We are not intimidated by life problems and don’t get easily stressed dealing with daily activities. On the other hand, if we have low mental strength, we become more prone to mental disorders.

People think that having good mental strength it is a combination of nature and nurture; we need to have good genes and to grow up in a very supportive environment to have the ability to consistently think positively. However, this isn’t completely true - everyone can have a good mental strength. Mental strength is something that we can develop with practice.

Playing sport requires motivation, willingness, and fighting power - which are the basic elements to having good mental strength. Golf is one of the sports that includes all of these elements and also has the power to reduce stress and anxiety.

Research from the University of Maryland found that playing moderate sports such as golf, not only reduces anxiety, but can also help us maintain a calm, composed state long after the game is finished.

Here are the reasons why golf helps mental strength:

1. Practicing Patience

We all know playing golf requires patience. Patience is needed to face life’s difficulties. If we don’t have patience, chances are, we will face problems impulsively, reacting without even thinking of the best solution, which often results in more problems or bad decisions. The same goes for playing golf, without patience it is very hard to achieve goals and compete with other people.

2. Being Flexible

Being flexible means we have to change our mind and adapt to new situations. Sometimes we even have to release our expectations for a while in order to achieve our goal. Playing golf requires strategies in much the same way as life, if a plan doesn’t work, we have to let go of it and make a new plan.

3. Maintaining Positive Emotion

Maintaining positive thinking is very important in solving life problems. Positivity helps prevent us from feeling stressed or getting pressured, and its needed to handle small or big problems. In order to maintain a positive state, we have to think positively. In golf, controlling our emotions and being calm is needed to reach the target. Therefore, we have to let go of our negative thoughts and feelings that can mess up our game. By playing golf we unconsciously practice making ourselves calm in a high-pressured situation and finding new ways to maintain our positive thinking. We unconsciously learn not to let our negative thinking and emotions influence our behavior which could result in losing the game.

4. Heightening Motivation

Motivation is the root to achieving our goals. Without motivation, we can easily give up without showing our true potential. By playing golf, we learn that the first time we try will not always be a success. Being consistent, and trying until we reach the target is the main objective.

5. Improving Focus

Being focused is very important to solving problems. Ignoring all the situations and problems that don’t relate, can help us think about the problem in hand and find a solution more objectively. When we play golf if we don’t focus then chances are we will miss-calculate or make bad shots.

Everyone has the ability to have good mental strength. It is up to us to practice it or to let ourselves get carried by life problems. If we can choose to train our mental strength with a hobby, why not?

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