Tommy Yoo

08 August 2018

Get Out of the Bunker!

Bunkers are one of the most terrifying things on the course for amateur golfers. Meanwhile, for professional golfers, it’s actually a pretty comfortable place to be in. 

Greg Norman once said the best way to hit a bunker shot is to avoid the bunker in the first place. Sadly, we don’t always have that luxury. We have to learn how to hit a bunker shot! 

The difference between professionals and amateurs in the bunker is that the pros use the bounce of the wedge and can get the ball to go high and spin. To use the bounce of the wedge we must position ourselves correctly at address.

So let’s learn how to use the bounce!

Incorrect bunker shot set up position

1. Ball position is closer to the right foot.
2. Body and clubface are square to the target.
3. Knees are straight and the stance is narrow.
4. Hands are more left than the club.

Correct bunker shot set up position

1. Ball position is inside of left heel.
2. Clubface is slightly open and the body is aiming slightly left.
3. Knees are more bent and stance wider.
4. Hands are on the same line as the club.

To be a good bunker player, first you have to understand how the bounce of the wedge works and after that, you have to position yourself so you can use the bounce. Simple variations in your set up position will let you use the bounce automatically and set you free from the sand!

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