Stephen Moriarty

18 April 2018

How to Gain Greater Distance

The one common goal most golfers share is the wish and desire to hit the ball greater distances. Golfers will go to all lengths to achieve this - new clubs heads, new shafts, new golf balls, tips from YouTube, tips from friends, and lessons from Professional coaches.  

Like all quick tips and fixes, distance gains can be very short lived. The new driver that worked six months ago no longer seems to be quite so long anymore.  The tip from your friend that showed immediate improvements has stopped working and it seems that you are hitting the ball shorter than ever.  The never-ending search continues.

One proven way to gain greater club speed at impact is to make sure you are using the ground correctly in your swing. Many golfers try to move towards the target in their downswing but unfortunately, they don’t always use the ground as they should to benefit themselves.  
Great ball strikers understand how to use the ground, and the really long hitters on the mens’ and womens’ tours use it even better still.

The key to improving your distance is to push into the ground in your downswing. What results from this is the ground actually pushes back at you, although thankfully you don’t feel this.

This movement allows you to very quickly start rotating your body in the direction of your left heal (for a right-handed golfer). This should feel like your hips go first, then your shoulder, then your arms, and lastly the club.  If you have ever wanted to feel more lag in the club then practice this imitating a baseball bat swing. 

Follow these pictures and step by step guide:

1. Backswing top
2. Push into the ground
3. Ground pushes you back 
4. Quickly unwind your hips and let the rest of your body follow
5. Make sure you get the clubface back to the correct position

Spend ten minutes working on this the next time you have a club in your hand and remember to have fun with the expertise and see how quickly you feel you can move the clubhead through impact. 

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