The Function of the Right Knee

By: Hanbo Lee | Instructions | 08 October, 2017

A flexed right knee throughout the backswing enables coil, it separates the upper and lower body which creates energy...

Going Extreme

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 09 August, 2017

In past tips, I’ve explained how set up changes can help you with awkward lies, but what about when you’re faced with extremely awkward lies

How to Really Benefit From Using Your Phone

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 12 June, 2017

Are you one of the many golfers who video themselves on the driving range so that you can conduct an analysis of your swing and try to figur

Control Wedge Play With A Simple System

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 20 December, 2016

Reducing your handicap can come down to a simple question. How good are you between 30 and 80 meters from the green?

Connected Right Arm

By: Phillipe de Busschere | Instructions | 28 September, 2016

When you see fellow golfers, many will have an overswing that they have struggled with for years to make shorter. It's not true to say that

Should You Keep Your Head Still

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 19 August, 2016

A common misconception I see with beginners is what should and shouldn't happen with their head during their swing. A common tip beginners r

A Change of the Left Hand Grip

By: Phillipe de Busschere | Instructions | 19 August, 2016

David Leadbetter and the Leadbetter golf academies across the world have had great success with the A Swing movements. Standout tour profess

Strike is Key!

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 15 June, 2016

One reason golfers come for a lesson is to create more distance. When we question the golfer about their golf swing we hear a list of fault

Powerful Release!

By: Phillipe de Busschere | Instructions | 20 April, 2016

E: Most of the time, the meaning of “release of the club” is misunderstood. Generally, golfers think this means that the club closes in the

How to Minimize a Shank

By: OBGOLF | Instructions | 11 April, 2016

People are often afraid of mentioning the word “shank” in fear of it causing them to suffer from the shot. However, a shank is nothing to fe

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