Randy Mawuntu

11 December 2018

Backswing to Downswing Transition

The key to a solid impact is mastering the transition from the top of the backswing to the start of the downswing. If you are experiencing a fat shot, thin shot, lack of consistency, or lack of speed then you should get the sequencing of your transition right.
A lot of golfers tend to rush the downswing because they are eager to generate speed. The first step to mastering transition starts with allowing yourself to complete the backswing and let the club settle on top before you get things going with the lower body.
The correct transition begins with a small lateral motion of the lower body toward the target while your upper body, arms and club hold.
Drills to practice this move:
1. Place your arms crossed and hands on your shoulder
2. Make a backswing pivot
3. Without moving the shoulders, move your hips laterally to the target, now most of your weight is on your lead foot
4. Turn your hips until your belt buckle is facing the target
Once you get used to this movement then you can apply it to your swing. Start with your 8-iron using a short tee with a half swing and gradually increase towards a full swing. Keep practicing and play well!
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