11 December 2018

How To Play From The Rough Around The Green

The rough makes the golf course more challenging and more beautiful. But if your ball is in it, it’s much less pleasant. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do. 
Shots from the rough around greens can be difficult, but if you use the correct technique they are manageable. 
Judge The Lie
How thick is the grass? How far down in the grass is the ball sitting? What’s behind the ball? Which way is the grass growing? It’s important to first judge the lie of the ball. Take a few practice swings to feel the resistance of the grass.
Nestled In Rough 
When your ball is sitting down in the grass, you have to move the clubface more steeply to the ground and use a club with a lot, or at least enough loft to be able to get the ball out of it. If the angle of attack is too flat, the club will first grab the grass before the ball is hit. The clubface then often closes and the ball will come out left of target, or worst still all the speed will be lost and the ball will stay in the rough.
What to do from this position?
  • Use a more lofted club
  •  Setup with the ball further back in your stance to improve ball contact
  • Place your weight more to the left to promote a steeper approach
  • Open the clubface to add more loft and prevent the clubface from closing
  • Position of the body slightly to the left of the target (open)
  • Quite a lot of wrist hinge on the way back
  • Maintain club speed into impact
Photo 1
Sitting on Top of the Rough 
The ball sitting up on the grass might appear easier, however you need to be careful with the way you play it. Because the ball is on top of the rough, chances are that you will go underneath the golf ball. The amount of grass between the club and the ball and the amount of backspin on the ball decreases considerably so there is more role on the ball.
What to do from this position?
  • Take a club with sufficient loft
  • Stand with a relatively square setup
  • Place the ball in the middle of your stand
  • Weight more to the left
  • Keep the clubface square
  • Hands are not too much before the ball
  • Less wrist hinge on the way back
  • Let the club do the job of hitting the ball (not aggressively)
 Photo 2
If you are in the rough, make the right decision by looking carefully at what your options are and stay calm. The more experience you have, the better you can deal with this type of location. So play a lot and practice more often from the rough.
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