Stop Slicing by Shallowing Your Club

By: Randy Mawuntu | Instructions | 08 August, 2018

Most golfers hit slices, pulls and pull hooks because their downswings are too steep. Golfers with a steep downswing bring the club down ...

Walk Your Way to a Better Swing

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 12 June, 2018

Turn, rotate, wind-up, shift, sway, resist; they are all words you may have heard to describe what you should be trying to do in your golf..

Same Swing Speed, More Distance

By: OBGOLF | Instructions | 12 June, 2018

Hitting long and straight with the driver is every golfer’s dream. For some lucky golfers, simply swinging faster can add distance, sadly ..

Push Or Pull

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 09 October, 2017

For many golfers, adding distance is always an important element when trying to improve their game...

Compressing Your Irons

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 09 October, 2017

Are you driving the ball better than ever but struggling with striking your irons and hitting the ball close enough? ...

Swing Tempo

By: Hanbo Lee | Instructions | 09 August, 2017

Swing Tempo in golf terms is the pace of your swing, back and through. Some golfers have a slow or smooth tempo but there’s no correct tempo

Learn From The Greats

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 05 April, 2017

Who are the greats of the game? Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods. And from this generation, who, if any, will

Dynamic Movements

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 03 February, 2017

As golf has progressed over the past 20 years, tour players have continued finding ways to hit the ball further. Professionals are hitting t

The Correct Takeaway

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 19 August, 2016

One of the biggest faults we see in the academy is how students start their swings. Golfers often get caught up trying to fix faults later i

Make a Great Swing!

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 20 June, 2016

E: The fundamentals of a golf swing can often be overlooked as golfers go in search of a magical fix; the one movement that suddenly correct

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