12 June 2018

Same Swing Speed, More Distance

Hitting long and straight with the driver is every golfer’s dream. For some lucky golfers, simply swinging faster can add distance, sadly for the majority of golfers this isn’t the case.

Studies show that the average male golfer has the following impact numbers:

* Club Head Speed: 93.4 mph

* Ball Launch Angle: 12.6 degrees

* Attack Angle: -1.6 deg

* Carry Distance: 187 m.

I see a lot of golfers trying to hit down on their driver in the same way they have been taught to do with an iron.  If you currently hit your driver around 190m, just by changing your angle of attack from -1.6 deg (Hitting down) to +5 deg (Hitting up) you can improve your carry distance to around 220m according to studies done by TrackMan.

One of the simplest ways to hit up on the ball is to tilt your spine away from the target at address and then try to increase this tilt throughout the swing.       




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