Stephen Moriarty

12 June 2018

Walk Your Way to a Better Swing

Turn, rotate, wind-up, shift, sway, resist; they are all words you may have heard to describe what you should be trying to do in your golf swing. I use these words on a daily basis to help students understand what they are trying to feel in their golf swing and to accelerate progress and improvement to their tech-nique. As the coach, I cannot always be present when you, the student, practic-es, so I try to provide concepts that will help you understand what you need to feel when you are by yourself.  
The simplest way I have found for golfers to understand the motion of their lower body is to have students imitate walking on the spot without lifting their feet from the ground. If you try it, you’ll notice that your right knee goes back-wards and your left knee goes forward and then vice versa.  
This movement also causes your hips to rotate and you should notice how the right hip goes backwards and upwards as the left hip goes forwards and downwards.  
This motion mimics the movements that are present in a good golf swing. 
Now all you need to understand is the role of your arms and wrists which is to swing the club back and forth. There is no lifting involved and definitely no pushing to try to make the swing wider.
When this movement is made correctly, your body stays in the same position and doesn’t move too far left or right. 
Follow the following three steps for a simple exercise to improve your swing:
When done correctly this will create a ¾ motion that will give you the feeling of your body pivot and should start to synchronize the arms, wrists, and club with it.
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