Strike It Pure, Sync Up Your Arms!

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 10 April, 2019

Focusing on improving strike to consistently hit each iron a similar distance and pin high more often is something that the top...

Pitch Shots

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 04 October, 2018

At the academy, I see a lot of golfers struggling to control the distance they hit pitch shots of between 30 to 90 yards. The main ...

A Misconception of Pitching

By: Sam Filipczak | Instructions | 18 April, 2018

If played correctly, the pitch shot can provide you a huge platform to rescue a hole or increase your chances of making a birdie. However,..

Chip Like The Pros

By: Jamie Whenman | Instructions | 09 October, 2017

Are you wasting too many shots around the green? ...

Master Your Short Game

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 03 February, 2017

Here is a simple way of adding different options to your short game. Golfers who are good in short game have the ability to hit different sh

High Trajectory & Soft Landing

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 20 December, 2016

In the last edition I talked about a 40-yard low spinning pitch shot. Now I’m going to help you with some tips for playing a high trajector

Low Spinning 50-Yard Pitch Shot

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 28 September, 2016

One shot that can “wow” is a low 50-yard pitch shot that stops very quickly. With a little bit of understanding you can go out and practice

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