Jamie Whenman

09 October 2017

Chip Like The Pros

Are you wasting too many shots around the green? 

Having a good chipping technique can be the difference between making a double bogey to saving par. Chipping is a crucial part of the game which many people don't practice. The best players in the world have the ability to save par when it looks like a bogey or double bogey is on the cards. I think looking back to when Tiger Woods was at his best, he was the master of this. A shot that comes to mind was when he was at the back of the par 3 16th green at Augusta and somehow managed to make a two when the commentator already was predicting his score as four.

Here are a few pointers to think about when you’re next practicing your chipping to help you chip like the pros.

Addressing the ball:

Normal grip needs to be taken but hands positioned lower down for more control.

The feet need to be closer together, this will eliminate unnecessary movement. We don't need the legs to be doing too much apart from being stable to ensure good contact is made.

Move your body and stand closer to the ball, getting the club upright.
Ball position is in the center of the feet, with the weight around 60-70% favoring the lead side (left leg if you’re right-handed, right leg if you’re left handed)
Lastly, the shaft needs to lean forwards, so the hands will be slightly ahead of the ball.

The club selection will depend on the lie and what type of shot you’re going to play: for a higher shot you would need a more lofted club like an LW or SW and for a low shot maybe a 7 or 8 iron.

Try this and let us know how you get on!

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