David Bradshaw

10 April 2019

Strike It Pure, Sync Up Your Arms!


Focusing on improving strike to consistently hit each iron a similar distance and pin high more often is something that the top playing professionals do more often than not.  

To do this, we will be looking at making a synchronized movement between arms and torso. Too often in handicap golfers I see poor strikes due to a person’s arms working independently and without the torso helping and controlling the movement.

Two great examples of professional players who have excellent arm and torso synchronisation would be Francesco Molinari and Tommy Fleetwood Both have had a fantastic season and watching how these players have a very controlled look with their iron swings makes it seem simple. That’s because the relationship between their torso and arms is almost perfectly together, something we can all learn from!

Below I have a couple of drills that you can use the next time you are at the driving range to practice:

Drill 1 - Split Hands 

Separate your hands so there is a gap of 2/3 inches and then make some swings that will feel around 3/4 length.

Drill 2 - Towel Under Your Arms 

As the graphic shows, place a small towel across your chest and under the arms.  Again, make a 3/4 length swing back and forward keeping the towel in place.

During both of these drills you should feel the torso turning and controlling the swing more than usual. Your arms shouldn’t feel involved during these drills.

Give it a go!!

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