Practicing on the Putting Green

By: David Bradshaw | Instructions | 09 August, 2017

As a golf instructor, every day I see numerous golfers practicing their full swings with their irons for hours. I wonder if they realize tha

Stay Connected and Hole More Putts

By: Jamie Whenman | Instructions | 12 June, 2017

How many times in your golfing life have you said that if you putted better or if you didn't three putt then you would have had a great roun

Perfect Putting Practice

By: Stephen Moriarty | Instructions | 05 April, 2017

In this busy world, most people don’t have time to practice, let alone practice their putting. As a result, a few quick putts before running

Ball Assisting Or Interfering

By: OBGOLF | Instructions | 19 December, 2016

Have you been in the position where someone else’s ball was in the way when you were trying to putt? If you have, what did you do?

Eyes Over The Ball

By: Joseph Glynn | Instructions | 20 April, 2016

E: If you watch a really good putter, you’ll notice that they make it look so simple. You might think it looks easy, but it takes a lot of h

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