Small Island, Big Beauty

By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 24 June, 2019

Gatang kenari is a traditional food of North Maluku that is made from Walnut Crab. These crabs are unique animals because they

Banyuwangi Food

By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 06 February, 2019

Located on the eastern-most edge of the island of Java, just across from Bali, there is the regency of Banyuwangi. As the eastern-most...

Cape Discovery - Journey in Every Sip

By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 06 February, 2019

As the journey progress, Cape Discovery currently offers six varietals and each tasting notes has their own characteristics that are loved b

Sego Abang Jirak

By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 05 August, 2018

Sego abang (brown rice in Javanese) is a typical food of Gunungkidul that offers plenty of nutrients. This rice is grown in Gogo rice ...


By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 12 June, 2018

Papeda is a sago congee that is a very popular food for coastal communities or low-lying areas, including Raja Ampat. Papeda is usually...


By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 12 June, 2018

Sinole is processed sago mixed with fried grated coconut. Sweetness blends with the fresh coconut flavor to create a tasty dish. ...


By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 12 June, 2018

A truly unique food from Brunei, Ambuyat is made with sago palm. It is a starchy bland substance, similar to tapioca starch. ...

Breakfasting Buffet and Choices of Curry in Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center

By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 25 May, 2018

Ramadhan Culinary Destination

Places to Visit

By: OBGOLF | Lifestyle & Leisure | 18 April, 2018

Komodo National Park, Kanawa Island, Pink Beach, Liang Ndara Village, Local Food Kolo, Sunu Fish Sour Sauce...

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