06 February 2019

Banyuwangi Food

Cawuk Rice
This rice dish consists of a mixture of special sauce made from grated young coconut, young corn which is burned, cucumber, chili, red onion, and garlic. It is also a little sour which makes the Cawuk Rice spicy yet refreshing.

Pecel Pitik
Pecel pitik is a traditional food of the Kemiren Banyuwangi Osing tribe. Formerly known as a dish served during religious activities, pecel pitik has become known as a culinary dish that should not be missed when visiting Banyuwangi. This dish consists of chicken coated and smeared with grated coconut and candlenut, cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, orange leaves, salt, and sugar. By using a blend of these spices, the delicious and slightly spicy flavor of Pecel Pitik is created along with the distinctive taste of Banyuwangi.


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