06 February 2019

Cape Discovery - Journey in Every Sip

You will be surprised to know Cape Discovery has plenty of award winning wines that you can buy for very affordable prices. Cape Discovery just hit the highest standard by winning three double gold and three gold medals in China Wine and Spirits Awards.

Journey In Every Sip

The journey of cape discovery started eight years ago when Australian wine maker collaborated with Indonesian wine company with a vision to remodel how Indonesians perceive wine and consecutively improve people’s wine experience in Indonesia.

Cape Discovery has created a unique wine production started from the selection of grapes that grown in Australia and France. The harvested grapes from both countries then blast freeze and ship to State-of-the-Art winery in Northern Bali. The freezing process isn’t harmful in any way and actually enhances the quality of the wines.

Our Wine

As the journey progress, Cape Discovery currently offers six varietals and each tasting notes has their own characteristics that are loved by both Indonesian and expatriates.

For Red Wine Drinkers, there is a Cabernet Merlot that has soft integrated tannins blended beautifully with blackberry, vanillin oak and cedar-wood that makes it an excellent matched to steak.  Cape Discovery’s Shiraz, meanwhile, offers a spicy pepper notes with aromas of smoky oak and charred fruits that is suitable with red meats and strong cheese.

For White Wine Drinkers who prefer wines with slightly more sweetness than dry wines, Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect white wine to enjoy with very lightly spiced dishes that offers fresh aromas of lime and passionfruit. For dry white wine, the Chardonnay has an aroma of white peaches and subtle oak, nicely rounded with persistent fine acidity matched with cheese and cured meats.

For the final collections, Cape Discovery offers a refreshingly fruity wines with different aromas and tasting notes. The stunning pale of Rosé Wine has lovely fresh strawberries aromas along with aromatic flowers that are refreshing with zesty acidity, makes it perfect pairings for seafood especially Lobster.

Meanwhile, the NV Sparkling Brut Cuvée offers a mouthwatering crisp acidity along with fine integrated bubble that blended beautifully with the aromas of melon and citrus, best matched with Oysters.



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