05 October 2018

The Emerging Second Layer

Despite the absence of many of the best national players, the 2018 Indonesian Amateur Golf National Championship still presented an interesting battle. The Championship provided an opportunity for second tier players to emerge. 

It didn’t come as a surprise at the national event at Gading Raya Padang Golf & Club on September 18-21 that Almay Rayhan Yaquta of Special Capital Region of Jakarta succeeded in winning his second national title. With the absence of many of the national players, Almay was given an easier path to the final round but he found that he still had to work hard to secure victory. 

Leading by four strokes over Gabriel Hansel Hari at the beginning of the final round, Almay dropped two shots in the first nine. He was still leading by two strokes but then Gabriel managed to cut the score difference in half. Gabriel made a play for a tie by sinking a birdie to finish off his round. Almay still had a putt from 2,5 meters away to win. He was able to maintain his composure under the pressure and holed the ball to win by a single stroke. 

“My putting was not good today. I just had to be patient. I got tense before the last putt. Luckily my ball got in,” said Almay. “Gabriel also played very well today. He could give a hard fight that was enough to make me feel some tension.”

Meanwhile, Nanda Winet Soraya of East Java won by nine strokes over Meva Helina Schmit of Bali, claiming her first national trophy. Her victory was secured by her wire-to-wire performance with a total of 282 (6-under).

In the team category, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta won the title in the men’s division, while East Java claimed the ladies division title. With the exception of Almay and Rifqi Alam R., the country’s best players didn’t attend this year’s National Championship which was attended by 51 players, 17 of whom were female amateurs. 

“For us, this was a positive thing. This tournament was held to give the second tier the opportunity to show their best abilities in national level competitions,” said Anthony Chandra, the Tournament Chairman of the Indonesia Golf Association. 

“We also limited the number of participants with the specified handicap limits to maintain the quality of the tournament,” added Anthony. 

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